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Are Warheads Candy the Most Sour Candy?

Your lips will pucker, your eyes will water, your face will contort in all sorts of ways. One thing for sure, you won't be laughing!

Warheads Candy were first invented in Taiwan in 1975. They didn't hit the streets in North America until the 1990s, and to this day they are a staple to sour candy lovers everywhere!
The name  "Warheads" was given to this candy to imply that they are so
sour it's like a warhead going off in your mouth! Warheads Candy mascot is Wally. A little boy with a mushroom cloud around his head. Perhaps indicating the extreme sour flavour of this candy.

The Warheads Candy sour flavour lasts for approximately 20-50 seconds, then the sweetness emerges and after the extreme Warhead Candy sour blast, it is truly sweet relief!
If you're bold and daring and want an intensely sour candy experience then Warheads Candy are for you!

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