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Candy really is a universal pleasure, all over the world it is widely consumed and loved.  We share our joy and memories through the sweetness of candy on many special occasions. We give our sweethearts chocolate on Valentines Day, we wait for Santa's arrival and hope he'll fill our stockings with treats. We wait for the Easter Bunny to bring us our Easter baskets, we even dress up in crazy costumes on Halloween, going from door to door asking for it. It is featured in buffets, given in loot bags for birthday parties. For some it's a daily event, for others a treat, but anyway you look at it, Candy is Sweet!
After all, where would the world be without candy? Candy has united us all in one way or another. It  has the ability to soothe us, to make us smile, to let us remember days gone by. Candy is fondly loved by many, young and old alike, all across the world!

At Candy District, we're crazy for candy, and we want to hear from
you! Tell us all about your favorite candies, tell us about those
sweet memories, let us know how crazy you are for candy!

Candy District is Canada's Online Candy Store based is Toronto, Ontario Canada. From our candy warehouse in Toronto Ontario we ship the sweetest selection of candies, from around the world, across Canada and the USA. Candy District also offers a unique and exciting selection of Gifts & Collectibles and Exclusive Hand Made Jewelry.

Candy District is where you'll find all those Retro Candies you will remember from when you were a kid! Those Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candies are still being made in Sweet Candy Factories across the world. And our Candy Experts are in search of all your favourites. 

Candy District also specializes in Canadian Candy and Chocolate. Canada has some of the best Chocolate and Candy in the world. The Cadbury Canada factory on Gladstone Ave in downtown Toronto makes the best Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars. Yes, even better than the British Dairy Milk. In fact, all the Cadbury Chocolate Bars made in Toronto are exceptional! And Ganong Candy is another of Canada's Sweet Treasures.

Shop through our many varieties including British Candy, American Chocolate Bars, Sour Candy, Bulk Candy and so many more! Also check out our Loot Bags and Gift Baskets.

Candy District

Candy District, a sweeter place to be,
All your candy wishes and your imaginations run free.
This sweet place is fit for a Queen.
Tantalize your taste buds to fill your candy dreams!
Overload your senses,
We've got it all for you.
Here at Candy District sweet dreams do come true!

Our sweet mission is to offer Candy Lovers across Canada, and beyond, the freshest candies from around the world and to ship them to your door fast!

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