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"Welcome to a Sweeter Place"



Come to Candy District and be a kid again.
The years go swiftly by, but our candy never ends!
We've got Retro Candy, Canadian Candy too, any candy that you please, we've got it here for you!
If Wonka Candy is your choice, we've got you covered. Some classics that you know, and new to be discovered! Gobstoppers and Nerds, Laffy Taffy and Pixy Stix, The whole Wonka collection, the entire Wonka mix!
Chocolate Bars and Bubblegum, it's all remarkably delicious!
Sour Candy with a sting, that is Sourly vicious!
American Candy, and Candy Bars too. 100 Grand and Reese's, or a 5th Avenue.
All the Old Fashioned Candies, the ones you used to eat. Tootsie Rolls and Lollipops, they're still just as sweet. 
Loot Bags for your parties, or for a Candy Buffet, for your Corporate events, or your lovely Wedding day! 
This is Candy bliss, as you scroll down the pages, you'll remember the candy that you haven't had in ages!
We're here to make you happy and satisfy your craving, with every sweet bite, we know that you'll be raving!

What's your favourite candy?


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