Warheads Candy - Sour Taffy Bar 2in1 1.49oz - 24 Pack

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Warheads Candy sour taffy.

Get ready for a taste explosion with Warheads Candy - Sour Taffy Bar 2in1! If you're a fan of Warheads candy and crave that sour punch, this taffy treat is your new BFF. Say hello to the ultimate candy adventure, where tongue-tingling sour meets chewy taffy goodness!

These Warheads sour candy taffy bars bring together the zingy, pucker-up sourness you love and the delightful chewiness of taffy. It's like having two candies in one! Every bite is a rollercoaster of flavor, perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages.

1.49oz Bars | 24 Count Box