WarHeads Candy - Sour Chewy Cubes Theater Box - 12 Pack

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Warheads Sour Candy for the movies!

Get ready to pucker up, for your movie date and from the extremely sour taste of the Warheads Candy - Chewy Cubes Sour Candy! This Warheads Candy will make you cringe, but of course in a good sour candy sort of way. These sour cubes are chewy, mouth-watering, irresistible and insanely sour. Coming in the sting of sour and fruity flavours like Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Watermelon and Green Apple. Get ready for a sour candy movie night. Sink into your comfy sofa, and then sink your teeth into the sour Chewy Cubes from Warheads Candy.
4oz. Theater Packs | 12 Count Box

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