Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's-Candy Decages

Top 10 Candies from the 1960's

Candy was groovy in the 1960's

Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

There were many ups and downs during the 1960's decade. The Vietnam War was in motion, and civil rights protests were a common occurrence. A social rebellion was on the agenda for many, and we began to see the start of the "Free Love" movement take place.
Johnny Carson became an entertaining nighttime ritual, and Muhammad Ali became the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. The echo of Martin Luther Kings speech "I have a dream" was in everyone's ear, while the Rolling Stones blasted on the radio. 
The Supremes reminded us not to hurry love, while the first James Bond movie played on movie screens across the nation. A man landed on the moon (or did he?) In the meantime, four young men from England introduced themselves as the Beatles, taking the world by storm!
There were Greasers, Mods and hippies, and there was tons of sweet candy to be had!

Here are our Top 10 Retro Candies Of The 1960's...

#1. Razzles

Razzles Candy-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

This retro candy gives us the best of both worlds! "First it's a candy, then it's a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun". Razzles were introduced in 1966. They start off as a candy but upon chewing them they transform into a gum. When Razzles were first created they were made by the Fleer Company until finally in 2004, they were acquired by Concord Confections. Razzles, with their unique hybrid ability, was the very first candy in the world that was able to change forms! Originally, Razzles only came in one flavour, Raspberry. Eventually, the flavours expanded into Razzles Tropical, Razzles Sour and Razzles Fizzles. Over the years Razzles Candy has remained an interesting form of candy. This flavourful, morphing candy has only gained new fans over the years and has never lost its interesting appeal. 

#2. Swedish Fish Candy

Maynards Swedish Fish Retro Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1960's

These sweet little chewy fish have been caught in more mouths than we can count! The retro Swedish Fish candy first made their appearance in North America in the early 1960's. The candy originated in Sweden and was first made by the Malaco Candy Company. The Malaco Company wanted to introduce these delicious fish to the world so they struck up a deal with Cadbury Adams Company,  which is now Mondelez. Swedish Fish are made by Maynards Candy and the Malaco Company still makes them in Sweden. Swedish Fish are a chewy candy and most popular among them are their original red colour, which is a sweet berry flavour. Some say it's a raspberry flavour, others speculate it's of lingonberry flavour. The flavours of Swedish Fish since the 1960's have expanded to include an assortment of other fruity flavours. Swedish Fish have once found their way into a 2016, limited edition flavour of Oreo Cookies. They have also swum their way into an exceptional flavour of Trident Gum, as Swedish Fish and Lemon flavour. The Swedish Fish of the 1960's remain a sweet candy catch!

#3.Lemon-Head Candy

Lemon-Head Candy-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

Lemon-Head Candy is a tangy retro candy that was created in 1962. These yellow candies are made by the Ferrara Candy Company, the same makers of the Atomic Fireball, Boston Baked Beans and Red Hots. This company are experts at the cold panned candy process, which is layers and layers of candy that is a labour intensive process that can take up to 14 days to make! Lemon-Head are a fresh and tangy taste of lemon, with a sweet outside coating and an intensely lemon flavoured hard candy core. Lemon-Head Candy does have quite a bite to them! The inventor of Lemon-Head Candy was Nello Ferrara who said that his inspiration came from the birth of his son, Salvatore, who claimed he had a head that was shaped just like a lemon. So along with his son Salvatore Ferrara, Lemon-Head candy was born! 

#4. Now And Later Candy

Now and Later Fruit Chews Retro Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1960's

The Now And Later retro candy came to us from Brooklyn, New York in 1962. They are fruity flavoured taffy-like candies are intense and bright tasting, tangy and incredibly tasty. Now And Later candy was first made by the Phoenix Candy Company. The original flavours were red, blue and green. Over the years the flavours of these retro candies have greatly expanded. Some of their most notable and popular flavours included Thriller, Rainbow and Blue Jeans. The Now And Later candies now come in 12 fruity flavours, Apple, Banana, Blue Raspberry, Cherry/Apple Splits, Cherry, Grape, Strawberry, Tropical Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Watermelon, Wild Fruits and the Original. The Now And Later retro candy are now made by the Ferrara Candy Company, and as we all know they are no longer five cents! Their name was meant to imply that you could eat some now and then save some for later. But we doubt that you can actually save any of these delicious, malleable taffy, candies. You will probably eat them all now!

#5. Sweetarts Candy

Wonka Sweetarts-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

This retro candy is sweet and sour with a punch of delicious tanginess! Sweetarts Candy was invented in 1963 and was produced by the Sunline Candy Company. Sweetarts came in the exciting flavours of Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grape. In 1964 a nationwide campaign was formed for Sweetarts Candy and as a result, 8 Million dollars worth of Sweetarts Candy were sold! The Sweetarts Candy is based on Pixy Stix retro candy, as it was thought consumers would rather a condensed tablet like candy rather than a loose powdered. For many of us candy lovers, Sweetarts Candy brings to mind one of our favourite characters, Willy Wonka. But I suppose that all depends on your age and when you first tried Sweetarts. Today, Nestles produces Sweetarts Candy and there are many forms available, such as Giant Sweetarts, Chewy Sweetarts and Mini Sweetarts. This candy lives on. Sweetarts Candy remains one of the most popular retro candies today!

#6.Astro Pop 

Astro Pop-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

A favourite retro candy, a unique and triple coloured lollipop, the Astro Pop was invented in 1963. It was actually developed by two rocket scientists, who decided to quit their jobs and focus on creating this unique lollipop. Obviously, their inspiration was close to their hearts, as the Astro Pop Lollipop was designed after a three-stage rocket. During the 1960's, the "Space Race", as they refer to it, was in full force and many capitalized on its intriguing mystery. This proved to be perfect timing for the famous Astro Pop. Quitting their day jobs certainly paid off as it became a wildly, sought after and popular lollipop at the time. Astro Pop is actually made and moulded in the wrapper. The hot liquid candy is poured into the wrapper, a.stick is inserted and it's finished off with a layer of wax.  Once made by Spangler, Astro Pop is now produced by Leaf Brands. The original three flavours of the Astro Pop were Pineapple, Passionfruit and Cherry. These unforgettable retro lollipops now come in Banana Split and Caramel Apple. The retro Astro Pops Lollipops are deliciously out of this world. They've blasted our taste buds since the 1960's!

#7. 100 Grand Bars 

100 Grand Bars-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

This deluxe tasting candy bar was first made in 1966. The 100 Grand Bar with its decadent combination of chocolate, crisped rice bits and chewy caramel is a rich and satisfying retro candy bar. The 100 Grand Bar as we know it today was originally called the "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar". This retro candy bar was created by Nestle and was based on a variety of popular game shows at the time. The slogan for this bar has been used since it's release in1966 and it's perfectly fitting at "That's Rich". The lure of the 100 Grand Bar, besides its flavoursome ingredients, is that this American Candy Bar has 30% less fat than the average candy bar. At a mere 210 calories, it really is "Rich".

#8.Starburst Candy

Starburst Original Fruit Chews-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

"Unexplainably Juicy" is the famous slogan for this retro candy, a perfect description for the Starburst Candy! These chewy and fruity morsels of goodness first arrived in England in 1960. At that time they went by a different name, "Opal Fruits". Eventually, this candy would come across the pond, and upon their arrival in North America in 1967, they decided to call them Starburst. A much more memorable and catchy name! The original flavours of Starburst Candy were Strawberry, Orange, Lemon and Lime. The flavours remained exactly the same until they expanded their plethora of delicious fruity flavours in 1984 Including an all Strawberry Starbursts flavour, to Sour only Starbursts, also Gummibursts, Sweet Fiesta Starburst, Sweet Heat Starbursts, and the transformational Flavourmorph, which has two flavours in one candy. Starbursts retro candy has always been loved for its triumph of tasty and intense chewy flavours. Starburst retro candy is one of the most popular chewy candies to this day. Upon unwrapping one you will taste their "Unexplainably Juicy" and innovative, delicious flavours!

#9.Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Egg-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

This luscious creme filled chocolate eggs came to be in 1963. The retro Cadbury Creme Eggs are a prized Easter treat. Made with white and yellow fondant filling that is nestled inside of a thick milk chocolate egg. Cadbury Creme Eggs were once called "Fry's Creme Eggs". They were started in the UK by the Cadbury Brothers in 1923, but in their current form, they were released to us in 1963. In Canada, this decadent, rich chocolate treat is made by Mondelez. Unfortunately for the fans of Cadbury Creme Eggs, these are only available when the Easter Bunny comes around! If your hankering for an Easter Treat you'll have to settle for Cadbury Mini Eggs instead. 

#10. Caramilk Bars

Cadbury Caramilk Bars-Top 10 Retro Candies from the 1960's

Our chocolate love affair with this luscious Canadain Chocolate Bars started way back in 1968. This retro candy bar originated in Birmingham England before sweetly making its way here to North America. This divine tasting Canadian Chocolate Bar is made right here in Toronto, Ontario on 277 Gladstone Ave. The factory has satisfied all of our indulgent chocolate cravings long before the 1960's, and it all started here in 1906. We have always wondered and pondered the mystery of the Caramilk Candy Bar. The question being, just how do they get that caramel inside? Some of the best things in life are better off left alone, after all,  we all love a sweet secret. In the meantime, we'll stay curious and keep eating the delicious, retro Carmilk Candy Bar and see if we come up with any ideas. Since 1968, the Caramilk Candy Bar has satisfied us with its smooth and silky caramel and extraordinary chocolate.

Retro Candy helped to fuel sweet change

The 1960's was a time of big changes and some exciting events. Good thing they had all this delicious retro candy to fuel their protesting and free love! Among all those peace-loving hippies, greasers and mods, and in between all of the trials and triumphs remain the sweet wrapped up memories of these retro candies!

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This is in regards to a taffy made in the 1980’s it was called Gorgo cosmic green with fizzy fruit flavor is it still made loved this candy as a child have been looking for it for along time was hopping it still exists

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