100 Grand Bar -1.5oz. Bars - 36 Pack

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The 100 Grand Bar is worth it.

     The 100 Grand Bar is a perfect mix of crispy rice bits accompanied by rich, silky abundant caramel covered in smooth milk chocolate.
It really is extravagantly delicious; the name makes perfect sense. In the mid-'80s, this candy bar was called the $100,000 Bar.
  • American Chocolate Bars
  • 60s Candy Bars
  • Kosher

1.5oz Chocolate Bars | 36 Count Box

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Some 100 Grand Bar History:

     These American Chocolate Bars came to be in 1966 and are said to have been named after popular game shows from the late '50s (such as "The 64,000 Question", "Twenty-One," and "The Big Surprise," all of the prizes ranged from $100.00 to $100,000.

     The 100 Grand bar has also had its share of controversy. In the early 1990s, a DJ from a Boston radio station WAAF-FM announced a contest with a generous giveaway of $100,000. After a few weeks, he finally revealed to the eventual winner that the real prize was the 100 Grand chocolate bar, not the cash prize they thought it was. Another woman in Kentucky in 2005 had a similar experience with a Lexington radio station and sued over the same prank. This retro chocolate bar may have its controversy, but its famous slogan still says it all so perfectly, "that's rich."
                                    What would you do with 100 Grand?