Caramilk - 48 Pack

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Caramilk has a secret.

Made by Cadbury Canada

Since 1968 we've been eating these delicious Caramilk Bars, and who can blame us? With their nectarous, mouthwatering caramel that flows out with each bite, surrounded with exquisite chocolate makes these Canadian Chocolate Bars nothing short of luscious!

The other enticing thing about these Caramilk is their big secret.  A question that is best contemplated while indulging in one, just how do they get that caramel inside?  "Still one of life's sweet secrets" I suppose, but a question that plagues the minds of anyone who loves these Canadian chocolate bars. As a matter of fact, Caramilk even devoted years of advertising based on this secret, making us think even harder. Perhaps luring us into eating more Caramilk bars as we sweetly pondered the question. Not that any of us minded. Caramilk also ran a huge contest about the secret, earning the winner a quarter of a million dollars! The contest required purchasing specially marked Caramilk Bars. If you were lucky enough, your chocolate bar would contain one of the ten golden keys, which were hidden inside the bars. If you found a key you stood a chance of actually knowing the Caramilk secret, and of course, winning the money! 
The secret of a Caramilk bar still intrigues us Canadians. It has become a part of our lexicon. A well guarded, safe secret that is over forty years old and can only be found at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, at 277 Gladstone Ave Toronto, Ontario.
The sweet saga continues. Locked up in a vault, while someone, somewhere delights in one of these bars and so sweetly ponders the question, maybe better left as one of life's sweet mysteries.

And we all know that Cadbury makes the best chocolate in Canada!

50 g Bar