Top 10 Old Fashioned Candies from the 1930's

Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

Old Fashioned Candy made us feel good.

During the 1930's the world experienced the Great Depression. This changed people's lives dramatically. The economy was doing the exact opposite of the glory days of the 1920's. It became very difficult to find work and also hard to manage a household. They had to find inexpensive activities that would help them to lift their spirits.

Top 10 Candies from the 1930's-Candy Decades

Besides the invention of the Monopoly Board Game, they played Bingo and wrote chain letters, but one of their greatest joys was candy. There was no shortage of candy, and most of it was very affordable. Yes, that good old-fashioned, familiar, sweet comfort of candy, even in the worst of times has the ability to make us happy.
Here are our Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

#1. Chick-O-Stick Candy

Chick-O-Stick Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

This old-fashioned candy has been enjoyed plenty over the years, Chick-O-Stick candy first came out in 1938.  The Chick-O -Sticknis a unique candy bar. With the delicious pairing of a honeycombed candy outside, filled with crunchy peanut butter and then rolled in a coating of delightful toasted coconut. It's a breakable long cylinder shaped stick that makes it easy to share. Or to save some for later if you can! The Chick-O-Stick Candy at the time of its debut first went by the name of "Chicken Bones". (Of course, we Canadians have a very different idea of what Chicken Bones candy is all about) The name seems much better suited to this distinctively crunchy, orange, old-fashioned candy. 

#2. Big Hunk Candy Bar

Big Hunk Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

This old-fashioned candy bar is nothing short of chewy, delicious decadence. The Big Hunk Candy Bar is filled with roasted peanuts that are covered in a supremely chewy honey nougat. This Candy Bar first came out in the early 1930's and is from the Annabelle Candy Company. The same makers of the famous Abba Zabba Candy Bar. The old-fashioned Big Hunk gained major popularity upon its release and soon after became a top seller. Some people prefer to freeze this candy bar before eating it and then breaking it into smaller more manageable pieces. But if you're into supremely chewy and heavenly delicious nougat, eating the Big Hunk as is, is perfect!

#3.Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

Originally Candy Buttons were introduced to us in the 1930's and made by the Cumberland Valley Company. Then they were acquired by NECCO in 1980. These cute little Candy Buttons are made to resemble small buttons and come stuck on a sheet of wax paper. The paper is not edible, just the candy! Often Candy Buttons are used to decorate cupcakes and cakes. These old fashioned candies, besides being pretty, so sweetly and softly melt on your tongue. Candy Buttons although an old-fashioned candy is still a popular candy today. There are approximately 750 million Candy Buttons made every year! The original three flavours of Candy Buttons are, cherry(pink) lime (blue) and lime (yellow). Candy Buttons are a unique sort of candy and seem to be very entertaining to eat, especially for children. 
An old-fashioned candy that has not lost any of it's "cuteness" appeal!

#4. Boston Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

Boston Baked Beans first hit the candy scene in the early 1930's. This old-fashioned candy is made by the Ferrara Candy, the same makers of the famous Atomic Fireball Jawbreakers. Boston Baked Beans do not contain any beans! Inside these red little candies, are peanuts that are coated in layers upon layers of a crunchy candy coating. Baked Beans were a very popular dish at the time, hence the name "Boston Baked Beans".  I'm sure most of us would prefer the red and candy-coated Boston Baked Beans! A classic candy that is simple but undisputedly delicious!  Boston Baked Beans remain one of the most perfect crunchy candies around!

#5. 5th Avenue Candy Bar

5th Avenue Bar Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

This lavish old fashioned Candy bar came out in 1936. It was Invented by William H. Luden. The 5th Avenue is made of layers of pleasant, crunchy peanut butter that is enrobed in rich milk chocolate. A great combination of both flavour and texture. Originally William H. Luden was famous for his cough drops but decided to branch out in the candy business. There are two stories about why he named the Candy Bar 5th Avenue. Some say it was the name of the street he grew up on as a boy in Pennsylvania, others speculate he wanted to incorporate the elegance of New York's 5th Avenue to come to mind when eating his bar, making it seem all that much more decadent. Whatever the case, regardless of any name that this Candy Bar might have, the 5th Avenue Candy Bar is an old-fashioned chocolate treat that has remained a classic and satisfying candy bar since the 1930's.

#6. Sugar Babies Candy

Sugar Babies Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

Sugar Babies Candies are an old-fashioned favourite, slow cooked, milk caramel candy. Pan coated with layers and layers of the flavoursome sweetness of milk caramel. These babies are nothing short of pure caramel bliss! The sweet child of the famed Sugar Daddy Caramel Lollipop, Sugar Babies came out in 1935. These caramel candies are soft and chewy on the inside with a harder candy coating of caramel on the outside. A double hit of all the sublime caramel you can handle! 

#7. Red Hots Cinnamon Candy

Red Hots Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

With all the intense and fiery flavour of cinnamon, Red Hots are simply bursting with the fierce taste of spicy cinnamon. Red Hots Cinnamon candy is an old-fashioned candy that is made by The Ferrara Pan Candy Company. The Ferrara Pan Candy Company is also the maker of Atomic Fireballs and the previously mentioned, Boston Baked Beans. This company simply takes the cake when creating delicious panned candy! Red Hots Cinnamon candy came out in the early 1930's. Even though these red candies are tiny, they certainly pack a huge hit of flavour. Sweet with heat, Red Hots Cinnamon Candy leaves an impression on your taste buds. Smaller than the likes of the "Atomic Fireball" and about a notch less hot, faster to eat, other than that these old-fashioned candies are almost twins! Red Hot Cinnamon candies were originally called Cinnamon Imperials. Red Hots Cinnamon Candy is a much more suitable name for this spicy candy! 

#8. Payday Candy Bar

Payday Peanut Caramel Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

This distinctive candy bar came out in 1932. Although the Payday Candy Bar does not include any chocolate, it's absence is definitely not missed. The Payday Candy bar is fully loaded with crunchy, salted peanuts rolled in caramel, that all surround a firm like nougat center. Truly a delectable tasting bar, as the salty peanuts really enhance the caramel and nougat taste. When the Payday Candy Bar first came out they just could not think of a name, until one employee who worked at the factory suggested "Payday" as it just happened to coincide with their payday. In a nutshell, this old fashioned candy bar is a refreshing change from the usual. The Payday Candy Bar is packed with delicious textures and flavours and is a pleasurable, pick me up candy for any time!

#9. 3 Musketeers Bar

3 Musketeers Bar Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

The 3 Musketeers  Bar is an old-fashioned, favourite candy bar. It's been feeding the likes of all those fluffy, nougat and chocolate fans for generations now! This old-fashioned candy bar came out in 1932. Originally the 3 Musketeers Bar was a three-part bar. It consisted of three mini portions that each offered a differently flavoured nougat, vanilla strawberry and chocolate. This trio eventually changed in 1945 and began to only feature the chocolate flavoured nougat and of course the chocolate. The claim to fame upon the 3 Musketeers Candy Bar debut, was that it was "So big you could share it with three friends".  A heartwarming thought for those generous candy lovers, but let's face it would you really want to share this most awesome candy bar? 

#10. Snickers Candy Bar

Snickers Bar Old Fashioned Candy-Top 10 Candies from the 1930's

Introduced in exactly 1930, the Snickers Candy Bar is an old-fashioned candy bar that has been feeding our chocolate cravings for generations! The Snickers Candy Bar consists of chewy nougat that is filled with crunchy peanuts and creamy caramel, that is then entirely enrobed in milk chocolate. The Snickers Chocolate Bar was brought to us by Frank Mars, the man behind what is now Mars Incorporated. As a young child, Frank Mars could often be found alongside his mother making candy in the kitchen. As Frank grew older, he realized that making candy was his calling in life. Frank and his wife, Ethel started the Mar-O-Bar Company in 1920. Their candy business flourished and surpassed what Frank and Ethel ever thought was possible. 
The Snickers Candy Bar was named after the couples beloved racehorse, named "Snickers". Unfortunately, their horse Snickers passed about two months before the Snickers Bar came out. 
Over the years the famous and loved Snickers Candy Bar has never lost its delicious appeal. It's a staple in the sweet world of Candy Bars, and one of the most popular reached for candy bars to this day!

Sweet times with old fashioned candy in the 1930's

The 1930's certainly had their fair share challenges. Any bit of a sweetness must have been so anticipated and appreciated. The old-fashioned candy from the 30's, besides being utterly delicious, was a sweet escape amidst their trials and tribulations. The pure blissfulness of 1930's candy lives on!

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