Snickers - 1.86oz. 48 Pack

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Snickers Bars from Mars

Canadian Chocolate Bars

A delicious, satisfying combination of nougat, peanuts and caramel all sweetly wrapped in milk chocolate. Since its creation in 1930, Snickers has long since been a favourite. The maker of this bar was Frank Mars. Sadly, Mars was a very sickly child, but lucky for him his mother loved to make candy and with all his sick days he found himself in the kitchen, side by side with his mother making candy. This instilled in Frank a deep, sweet love of all things candy. 

After graduating from high school, Frank began making his own candy. He married his sweetheart Ethel, and together they began making candy in their kitchen. How romantic! In 1920, Frank and Ethel moved from their little candy-making kitchen to Frank's home state of Minnesota, where they started the Mar-O-Bar Company, which eventually becomes the candy giant we know today, Mars. Inc.
Yes, a horse of course! It is true that Snickers was the name of their beloved racehorse, who unfortunately died two months before the candy couple released their delicious new chocolate bar, Snickers! We remember him fondly, as Snickers Bar remains among the most popular candy bars on the market! 
1.86oz Bars | 48 Count Box

A Candy Poem

In 1930
The Snickers arrived,
Of which the Mars family
Cleverly contrived.
Chocolate, peanuts
And nougat of course,
This packed bar
Named after a horse!