The Delicious Dozen-Top 12 Canadian Candies

The Delicious Dozen-Top 12 Canadian Candies

Canadian Candy is sweet, eh?

Yes, we can  boast about the CN Tower, Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains, but where else will you find candy like ours? Only in Canada! Not only can we brag about our beautiful country, we've got the most delicious candy to back it up!
We want to share with you some of  our most loved and sought after Canadian Candies.Who else but a kind, polite Canadian would be sweet enough to share their candy!
Some of our Canadian Candy favourites are:


Caramilk-Cadbury Canada
A  Canadian Chocolate Bar that is shrouded in mystery! The Caramilk Secret is still one of our best kept sweet mysteries. Just how do they get that sweet creamy caramel filling inside the bar? The Cadbury Caramilk  is made,in Toronto, Canada at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. With it's milk chocolate coating covering all that flowing caramel, it is hard to resist! Maybe eating more of them will solve the mystery!


Maltesers-Canadian Candy-Mars Canada
These are light, crisp and  easy to share, well unless you're extra hungry!
Maltesers are delicious  balls of milk chocolate with a crispy
and airy honeycomb center. You could compare these candies to their American counterpart, Whoppers. But don't confuse the two, our Maltesers are better! 
They win every time, with their generous, thick coating of milk chocolate,
that just proves just how nice Canadians are, eh?

Smarties Candy

Smarties Candy Coated Chocolates-Canadian Candies
Whether you " eat the red ones last, suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast",
I think we can all agree that our Canadian Smarties
are a fun and tasty retro candy.
They far out weigh what our American friends call "smarties",
better known as Rockets here in Canada.
Our Smarties Candy are tiny morsels of pure, sweet joy!
With their vivid and colourful candy coating on the outside and
the perfectly smooth milk chocolate filling, you just can't go wrong.
After all, Canadians have been eating and enjoying  Smarties for over 50 years!

Thrills Gum

Thrills Gum-It Still Tastes Like Soap-Canadian Candy 
Get your Thrills from this purple gum! Thrills Gum is a Canadian Retro Gum,
and probably the only gum that very proudly states on the package that
"it still tastes like soap".
For all it's fans, Thrills Gum is simply one of a kind. You will never forget it's
funky purple colour, soapy taste and it's retro looking yellow package.
You will either love this gum, or hate it, but either way it's unique.
Thrills Gum is unforgettable! 

Coffee Crisp 

Coffee Crisp Canadian Chocolate Bar-Sweet Talk Blog-Candy District
Yes, we Canadians love our coffee.
But we have a chocolatey, sweet way of enjoying it. We enjoy our coffee...crisp,
with it's crispy vanilla wafers, layered with a foamed coffee flavoured filling,
then coated in a delightful layer of smooth, milk chocolate.
It most certainly does "make for a nice light snack".
Coffee Crisp is a Canadian Chocolate Bar that we have been devouring
for over 75 years,
making them one of our Canadian Candy favourites!

Mackintosh Toffee

Mackintosh Toffee Old Fashioned Candy-Canadian Candies
Not too hard, not too soft, Mackintosh Toffee is the most perfect toffee there is!
We've been eating it for over 100 years.
It is truly one our best old fashioned candy treats. Nothing compares when
it comes to this Canadian toffee.
With It's creamy consistency and superb taste it has all the rich, buttery,
sweet flavor you would expect in a toffee.
Canadians have come to know and love our Mackintosh Toffee.
Some of us freeze it and then break it into smaller bite size pieces.
Most just eat it!
Whether you "smack your mack" or not, one things for sure,
you will love savoring this Canadian Toffee!

Aero Chocolate Bar

Aero Chocolate Bar-Canadian Candy-Sweet Talk Blog-Candy District
A pure, delectable, mouthwatering chocolate bar filled with "bubbly bliss" inside.
It is smooth and simple for those of us who don't want to complicate things.
Aero Chocolate Bars are a classic treat when it comes to Canadian chocolate bars.
You are guaranteed to "feel the bubbles" and sink into it's bliss!

Eat More Bars

Eat More Chocolate Bar-Canadian Candy-Sweet Talk Blog-Candy District
As the name suggests, you will want to "Eat More'! This Canadian Chocolate Bar is made with a winning combination of dark toffee, peanuts and chocolate. As the Eat More slogan says" Dive into the unique" , that's just what this bar offers us. A unique blend of these flavors that give us a truly classic taste of
Canadian old fashioned candy! 

Maynards Wine Gums

Maynards Wine Gums-Canadian Candy-Sweet Talk
These Canadian candies have stood the test of time. Maynards Wine Gums
have been around since 1909!  A fine example of an old fashioned candy.
Just to be clear, and not to disappoint anyone, but these candies do not contain any wine!
They were actually thought of as a deterrent from alcohol. Regardless, these firm but chewy Canadian candies should be savored, sort of like a fine wine.

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn

Popcorn,with a pretty pink candy coating!
Who else would be sweet enough to make a pink popcorn? Only in Canada
will you find any such popcorn. Lucky Elephant  Pink Candy Popcorn is a  
retro treat from the 1950's and can often be found at Concession Stands or Carnivals,
but who needs a Carnival? We've got all the Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn
you can eat, right here at Candy District.

BIg Foot Candy

Allan Big Foot Original Canadian Candy
We have Big Foot sightings all the time in Canada! Not the creature, but the chewy, sweet candy. This foot, of course is of epic proportions, especially the big toe, but the flavor is also BIG! Our Allan Big Foot Canadian Candy is made with real fruit juice making it all that more enjoyable! 

Popeye Candy Sticks

Popeye Candy Sticks-Canadian Candy
A sweet childhood memory for so many of us Canadian kids.
Popeye Candy Sticks are  long and thin sticks of candy, with a crunchy, powdery  taste. They are almost chalk like in their consistency, but taste better! A cool retro candy that even Popeye The Sailor Man endorses!

Licorice Babies

Licorice Babies Canadian Candy
Canadians have been enjoying this classic candy since the 1950's,
making them a must try cool, retro candy. Licorice Babies are
a small black licorice candy, in the shape of a cute and cuddly baby.
You will only find these delicious black morsels here in Canada!
Chewy and made with a hint of anice, and not overly sweet.
The balance of these two flavors make these Licorice Babies a top choice
 for black licorice lovers.  

Allan Hot Lips

Allan Hot Lips Canadian Candy
Some like it hot!
Kind of like us Canadians who spend half the year freezing!
So can you blame us for wanting to eat these hot and chewy, cinnamon flavored red lips! You wont be able to resist this Canadian Candy, red and spicy, with a hot rush of cinnamon. Guaranteed to keep you warm! Whatever the weather,
Allan Hot Lips are a  top retro candy choice for candy lovers everywhere!
There are so many scrumptious Canadian candies, I'm sure we've missed a few!
What's your favorite Canadian candy?
Please be a Sweetie and leave a comment!

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Azar Sheazadeh
Azar Sheazadeh

Yes.Canada does have good candy! But isn’t all candy good? My favourite on the list is Thrills Gum. And Candy District lets me get my Thrills cheap. LOL!

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