Aero Bars - 42g 48 Pack

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AERO Chocolate is so dreamy!

Made by Nestle Canada

     For a rich, unique milk chocolate treat, Aero Chocolate is the perfect choice! Aero Bars may look like a regular chocolate bar, but one bite is all it take to notice the airy bubbles that lay hidden within. Let each square of this Aero Bar melt on your tongue for the full experience. A bubbly chocolate delight that'll have you feeling nothing but bliss.

     These Aero Bars are Canadian chocolate bars that may have you considering hopping the border! Who knew simple milk chocolate could be quite this tantalizing?!

  • Made by Nestle Canada
  • First introduced by Rowntree in 1935 in England

42g | 48 Count Box

10 Chocolate Bars You'll Only Find in Canada

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