Mackintosh's Toffee Bar - 24 Pack

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Old Fashioned Mackintosh Toffee Bar

"Smack your Mack"

You'll have to take your time enjoying the Mackintosh Toffee Bar. A firm yet creamy toffee that is definitely meant to be savoured. It does start out hard but then becomes intensely creamy and chewy. A perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. This toffee recipe is well over a hundred years old, and was created by John Mackintosh, who called himself "the toffee king". He also referred to his toffee as the "king of all toffee". I have to agree with him! Nothing comes close to the succulent Mackintosh Toffee Bar. Whether you "Smack your Mack" into small bite-sized pieces or flex your jaw muscles by taking a bite, you will love this nostalgic treat!

45 g Bar

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