Top 13 British Chocolate Bars - British Chocolate

Top 13 British Chocolate Bars

Are British Chocolate Bars the Best in the World?

British chocolate is known to be the best.

They say that since the 19th century, the British have become a nation of "chocoholics". We wanted to know why, so we decided to taste these British Chocolate Bars.
Yes it just had to be done! These my friends were the start of a beautiful, delicious love affair! If you've ever had the pleasure of indulging in British Chocolate you probably completely understand why!
Here, I'll be sharing my taste-testing adventure, in between each irresistible bite of these British Chocolate Bars. It's a very hard job, but here at Candy District, we go the extra mile for you, and maybe a few extra pounds!
Here are our top thirteen, must try British chocolate bars!

1. Cadbury Flake

Cadbury Flake British Chocolate Bar-British Candy

If you've ever had a Canadian Cadbury Flake, you know that they are just about a perfect 10. But the British Cadbury Flake just takes you that much more over the edge.
It's off the charts delicious! It wins every time for its perfect delicate light and flaky texture. It impeccably delivers pure chocolatey bliss! The Flake bar has been a favourite for decades and is considered a legendary British chocolate bar that could never be duplicated.
The recipe and technique for making a Cadbury Flake is a closely guarded secret. One bite of this British Chocolate and you will truly understand the meaning of "indulgence".

2.Double Decker Chocolate Bar  

Double Decker Chocolate Bar - British Chocolate
The Double Decker Chocolate Bar made it's debut in 1976, making it over 40 years old and a true classic! It's named after a Double Decker bus and it's only destination is pure deliciousness!
The Double Decker Chocolate Bar is made with crispy layers of cereal and smooth nougat, that is enveloped in super creamy Cadbury chocolate. This British chocolate bar is of ample size, making it filling and satisfying!

3.Cadbury Bournville 

Cadbury Bournville - British Chocolate Bar - Cadbury Dark Chocolate
This chocolate bar is over 100 years old! A true old fashion British Chocolate bar. Bournville is made with Cadbury dark chocolate. It's smooth and intense. Even if you're usually not a dark chocolate fan, this British chocolate might change your mind. It's definitely worth a try. Not only is this a delightful UK chocolate, but you will also be rewarded with all the health benefits that come with dark chocolate! The Cadbury Bournville is a must!


Star Bar - British Chocolate Bar- British Chocolate
Starbar is a chewy mix of Cadbury chocolate, caramel and slightly roasted salted peanuts. These British Chocolate bars are a perfect mix of these flavours and brings to my Canadian mind a taste of a Wunderbar crossed with a Snickers bar, but smothered in a richer tasting Cadbury chocolate. A very satisfying and filling chocolate bar, the Star Bar will definitely get you through that afternoon slump!

5.Cadbury Wispa Bar

Cadbury Wispa Bar - British Chocolate Bars-British Chocolate
This Cadbury Wispa Bar is a British Chocolate bar that came out in 1981 just as a trial. But soon became a wildly popular UK chocolate. The Wispa bar is straight and to the point. It is  made of bubbly British chocolate. Wispa is similar to the Aero Chocolate bar. Yes, our friends across the pond also love that "bubbly bliss!"  There were many sad fans of the Wispa bar, as it was discontinued in 2003, but then relaunched in 2008, permanently! The Wispa bar is here to stay!

6.Lion Bar

Lion Chocolate Bar - Lion Candy Bar
You'll be roaring for more with these substantial British Chocolate Bars! The Lion Chocolate Bar was actually based on a cereal and called "Lion Cereal". It was made into a chocolate bar in 1976. It's a mix of smooth caramel, crunchy bits of cereal and of course loads of mouthwatering milk chocolate. A very filling British chocolate bar, that  I've made up a slogan for... "You will roar for more". Quite fitting!

7. Picnic Chocolate Bar

Picnic Candy Bar - British Chocolate
They say "It's Deliciously Ugly",  I say, it's just pure delicious! A substantial size British Chocolate bar made with perfectly crispy wafers, chewy caramel, covered in crunchy, slightly salted peanuts, mixed with sweet and plump Then, of course, covered in a smooth, milk chocolate! Ugly, ha, who cares?  This bar is loaded. The Picnic Candy Bar is simply delicious!

8. Cadbury Twirl

Cadbury Twirl - British Chocolate
Double your pleasure with the Cadbury Twirl! Two pieces, yes two, of some of the most exquisite British chocolate you could ever eat. A must-try if you are a true British chocolate connoisseur. These British chocolate bars will quickly become a favourite with its two flaky, delicate chocolate fingers, that are then covered in delectable, rich Cadbury chocolate. Straight and to the point, there are no bells and whistles needed for the Twirl bar. No wonder it's the number one chocolate bar sold in the UK. A UK chocolate lovers dream!

9. Galaxy Chocolate Bar

Galaxy Chocolate Bar-British Chocolate
Yes, the name is perfect for these British Chocolate bars. It is simply out of this world! The smoothest, creamiest milk chocolate bar you will ever taste! The Galaxy chocolate bar has delicate notes of a buttery and caramel flavour. A British chocolate bar that really hits the spot every time!

10. Fry's Turkish Delight

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cadbury Chocolate
They say it's "Full of Eastern Promise". Fry's Turkish Delight delivers that promise with its authentic tasting rosewater flavoured, Turkish Delight. It's an old fashioned British chocolate, dating back to 1914.  A piece of Turkish Delight that is generously coated in Cadbury chocolate. Fry's Turkish Delight is a refreshing change from the usual chocolate bar. It's unique in its combination. Unless you are familiar with Canada's Big Turk. Still very different tastes though. Fry's Turkish Delight has a softer texture to it's middle and a stronger rosewater flavour.

11. Chomp Bar

Chomp Bar - Cadbury Chocolate
You will love to "chomp" on this British chocolate bar! Cadbury chocolate and gooey, gooey just perfect, creamy caramel! The Chomp bar is an ideal pairing of the two main ingredients. The caramel even has a slight hint of saltiness to it, which brings to life the milk chocolate. Some say the Chomp Bar is a bigger version of the Curly Wurly. While both rely on the caramel and chocolate pairing, the texture is completely different, as is the shape. None the less, a very satisfying British Chocolate. Chomp away!

12. Cadbury Fudge Bar  

Cadbury Fudge Bar - British Chocolate Bar
Since 1948 this British chocolate bar has been completely indulged in! Who could resist it's delicious, great-tasting fudge center, wrapped in mouthwatering Cadbury chocolate. This British chocolate is a pleasurable fudgy, chocolatey delight! If your craving a taste of buttery sweetness and heavenly chocolate, Cadbury's Fudge Bar is definitely the answer!

13. Curly Wurly

Cadbury Curly Wurly British Chocolate Bar

This British chocolate bar is an iconic combination of caramel and milk chocolate. It's incredibly chewy, delicious and obviously a must-try! There is no other British Chocolate quite like the Curly Wurly. The shape is unique,  with its ladder-like shape. The thin layer of Cadbury chocolate melts in your mouth and then you are left to devour the chewiest delicious caramel middle! It's on the small side, so it's worth taking the time to really savour it, or eat a few! I loved this British chocolate bar so much, that I decided to write a poem about it....... here it is, my ode to Curly Wurly:
Curly Wurly,
I've lost my hips to you surely.
With your chocolate ladder so fine,
and chewy caramel sublime.
Never mind-
I'll gladly leave my hips behind!
Curly Wurly,
you blow my mind!
Our friends across the pond sure do have some of the best, most luscious Chocolate Bars! There is undeniable, edible proof in their delicious chocolate!
Tell us, which British Chocolate is your favourite? 

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Florence Costello
Florence Costello

The bar six chocolate barI loved and the golden cup bar I wish they couod bring them back especially the bar six

Florence Costello
Florence Costello

The bar six chocolate barI loved and the golden cup bar I wish they couod bring them back especially the bar six

tony LOPEZ
tony LOPEZ

could i order all of these? i wanna try them out on stream. im from texas in the usa


You didn’t mention the best one of all, the CRUNCHIE. Also, the Mars Bars is delicious and is in fact the same as the American Milky Way. I’m an American who grew up in the UK, and only discovered that forty years later!

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