Cadbury Picnic UK - 36 Pack

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"More like a banquet than a picnic"

They say that "its what's on the inside is what counts". That's certainly the case for the Cadbury Picnic Bar! Many refer to this British Chocolate Bar as being "deliciously ugly", we say it's just plain delicious!
The Cadbury Picnic Bar consists of crispy and light wafers, silky golden caramel, crunchy peanuts and sweet raisins which is then delightfully covered in a layer of Cadbury Milk Chocolate! There's nothing ugly about that!
This popular British Chocolate Bar is a deluxe tasting bar that leaves you feeling full and satisfied! Be substantially and sweetly satisfied with the Cadbury Picnic Bar!

Learn more about the History of Cadbury Chocolate 


48.4 g Bar

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