Cadbury Flake Bars-32 g




Canadian Cadbury Chocolate Bars

One pleasurable bite of these exquisite Canadian Chocolate Bars and you will know the exact reason it's called a Flake Bar, as there will be bits of chocolate falling into your lap! But don't worry this is all part of the experience of a Flake Chocolate Bar! This is by far the crumbliest, flakiest, delicate Chocolate bar you have ever tasted! The ribbons of delicious milk chocolate will dance on your tongue and slowly, joyfully melt. 
The Flake Bar is all about texture. It is unique to any other chocolate bar I have ever tried, and the texture was actually how this chocolate bar was noticed!
In 1920, an employee working at the Cadbury factory realized the excess of beautiful chocolate was spilling over the top of the moulds, folding on top of itself into a stream. This caught his eye, but then again who would not take note of streaming chocolate that would otherwise be wasted! Talk about a dream job!
The name of this employee cannot be found, but thanks to him and his intrigue of the extra chocolate, we can all enjoy these most delicious Flake chocolate bars!


 32 g Bars | 12 Count

 32 g Bars | 24 Count

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