Americans Love these Canadian Candy Bars

Americans Love These Canadian Candy Bars

These are the most popular candy bars.

We have plenty to love here in Canada,( yes, even with the fresh and frigid temperatures of Winter) but the one thing we truly take pride in is our delicious Canadian Candy Bars! From light and crisp to rich and delectable. We offer the best chocolate in Canada right here, at Candy District, sure to satisfy every chocolate-loving sweet tooth! Get those tastebuds watering and get ready to indulge in some magnificently sweet Canadian Chocolate!

From one sweet neighbour to another, we invite you to taste our Top Ten Canadian Candy Bars...

#1.Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp - Canadian Candy Bar
These Canadian Candy Bars have been loved since it's sweet conception in 1938. Coffee Crisp is one of our Canadian favourites, and is well known for being a "nice light snack". Containing light and crispy, thin wafers that alternate between a coffee flavoured foamy like confection, and milk chocolate, while being completed with another layer of more milk chocolate that is wrapped outside the bar.
The thin and fine layers of a Coffee Crisp is famous for it's unique and optimal deliciousness! Coffee Crisp offers a light and airy, crispy texture that will surely satisfy any sweet hankering for chocolate!
After indulging in this Canadian Candy Bar, you just might find yourself exclaiming, that like us Canadians, you like your Coffee Crisp!

#2.Crunchie Bar

Cadbury Crunchie Canadian Candy Bar

Imagine, sinking your teeth into a bar of perfectly golden, "crunchie", honeycomb alongside milk chocolate! If you love this combination and the sweet idea of this pair then you must try this Canadian candy bar, the Crunchie Bar!
This Canadian Candy Bar can not only boast about it's one of kind, unsurpassed texture, but the taste is simply astounding! The beautiful, golden center of sponge toffee is so inviting and its flavour is specially enhanced with the addition of creamy, rich milk  Cadbury Chocolate.
Originally, this candy bar was made in the UK in 1929, before heading to us in Canada in the 1960s. With its golden wrapper and red letters, this Canadian Candy Bar is sure to get your attention but most importantly, conquer your tastebuds!
For a delicious munch and a Canadian crunch, you'll need the Crunchie Bar!

#3. Eat More Candy Bar

Eat-More Canadian Candy Bar

Who could turn their back on a candy bar that actually invites you to "Eat More"? This Canadian Candy Bar, along with its yummy and encouraging name is an incredibly chewy candy bar. The Eat More Candy Bar is comprised of dark and chewy toffee with tasty morsels of peanuts and chocolate scattered throughout. The slogan of the Eat More is "Dive into the unique" while it is deliciously unique the chewy texture is simply mind blowing! A very satisfying Canadian candy bar with loads of delectable texture. The Eat More Candy Bar is one of our must-try Canadian candy bars!

#4. Crispy Crunch

Cadbury Crispy Crunch Canadian Candy Bars

This Canadian candy bar was developed in 1912. It may be an old fashioned candy but with every bite, It's always as good as new. Yes it's that scrumptious! Inside the Crispy Crunch is an ultra-crispy, peanut butter flake confection, that is lusciously surrounded in the most delicious Cadbury chocolate! This pair is never wrong, and always makes for an exceptional tasting Canadian candy bar! 
The middle of this bar has a sweetness and also a hint of saltiness which is greatly enhanced with it's Cadbury Chocolate coating. While there may be similar candy bars on the market, this Canadian gem was the first, and as far as we're concerned, the most delicious! For an incredible "Crispy Crunch" this bar remains a champion!

#5. Mr Big Candy Bar

Cadbury Mr. Big Canadian Candy Bars

With eight inches of delicious bliss, this Canadian candy bar will satisfy even the hungriest of candy lovers! If you have a giant appetite, the Mr. Big Candy Bar is a must-have! This is the largest candy bar made by Cadbury Canada.
As the slogan states "When your this big, they call you Mr."
Mr Big Candy Bar is really packing. Filled with crispy vanilla wafers, crunchy rice crisps, sweet golden caramel, and toothsome peanuts, all generously covered in the rich and smooth taste of Cadbury Chocolate! 
Even though the Mr. Big Candy Bar is filled with such a variety of tasty ingredients, it tastes surprisingly light. It never sits heavy and is perfect for sharing, or not!
Along with its exceptional taste, this Canadian candy bar is a "big" and delicious treat!

#6. Big Turk

Big Turk Canadian Candy Bar

This candy bar is uniquely Canadian! Big Turk is filled with a soft and chewy, rose water infused Turkish Delight that is covered in a coating of ripply milk chocolate. It may just be one of the most controversial Canadian candy bars out there!
There is no sitting on the fence with this candy bar. You either completely love it or absolutely hate it!
It probably has to do with the rose water taste, the same ingredient that makes our lovely, purple, Thrills Gum so unique tasting. Big Turk does have a loyal fan base who can always defend its distinctive flavour.
If you've never tried one, we say this Canadian candy bar is a must-try! Why not? If anything, it's an original delight and will expand that candy bar palate. The Big Turk is a classic candy bar made for the brave and bold candy lovers of the world, who love the taste of delicious distinction!

#7. Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar

Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar - Canadian Chocolate Bars - Cadbury Chocolate
One of our finest tasting  Canadian Chocolate Bars! These Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars are filled with plump, and chewy raisins and the delicious crunch of almonds. These exceptional Canadian chocolate bars just beg to be eaten.
The texture is filled with such mouthwatering elements! The velvety Cadbury chocolate against the raisin and nut combination makes every bite of this chocolate bar phenomenally delectable!
Treat yourself, and your tastebuds, with the classic taste of the Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar!

#8. Nestle Kit Kat 

Give yourself a Canadian break with the Nestle Kit Kat! This Canadian candy bar is filled with layers of light and crisp wafers that are covered in a layer of milk chocolate.
Kit kat bar is a four-fingered bar that easily allows you to break the four sections apart. Eat one at a time or one after one! 
It's also an ideal candy bar that makes it extra easy to share. A light snack with a perfect crispy sound in every bite!
This is an old fashioned candy bar came on to the market in 1935. It was an immediate hit with customers and its popularity has only grown.
This Canadian Kit Kat that is made by Nestle Canada always makes for a light and refreshing treat.
So go ahead, give yourself that sweet break you've been craving with this delicious Canadian Kit Kat!

#9. Skor Bar

If there were a scorecard for this Canadian candy bar, it would definitely come in at a perfect 10! Skor Bar contains a delectable and buttery, tasting crisp toffee center that is enrobed in rich milk chocolate.
Each bite of a Skor Candy Bar snaps just right in your mouth, allowing you to either let that goodness slowly dissolve or to quickly chew its delightful crunch. The Skor Candy Bar was introduced to hungry Canadians in 1981.
We like to think it's been a "skor" ever since! This is a must-have Canadian Candy Bar. You'll only "skor" with this bar!

#10. Caramilk 

A very sweet Canadian mystery that we've been loving since 1968! Upon biting into the Cadbury Caramilk , you will realize that each bite is meant to be slowly savoured. 
This Canadian gem of a chocolate bar consists of a very luscious, flowing, caramel middle that somehow is successfully sandwiched in between two layers of Cadbury chocolate.
Just exactly how do they get that golden, delicious caramel inside? It's been a cultural phenomenon since Caramilk asked us this very enticing question.
It actually became a huge advertising campaign that we still don't know the answer to! It does make this Canadian chocolate bar all the more appealing. Especially if love a good mystery, and by good, we mean delectable!
The enigma of the Caramilk will just remain one of our Canadian secrets, unless that is, one of you Americans can figure it out!
Until then, we'll just have to relish in these sweet Canadian chocolate bars!

Come over to a sweeter side.

Don't keep your chocolate cravings in the dark any longer. Come over to the sweet Canadian side! Our Canadian chocolate bars are sure to deliciously deliver very yummy results!
After all, we've been indulging on our Canadian candy bars for generations.
That's probably why we're so nice, eh? 

Discover more Canadian Chocolate Bars!

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