Crunchie Bar 44g - 24 Pack

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Cadbury Chocolate Bars

One of the Best Cadbury Chocolate Bars ever made!

The Crunchie Bar has a golden honeycomb toffee center covered in a ripply, smooth, rich Cadbury chocolate. During the making of these Crunchie bars, the honeycomb toffee is produced in slabs and cut into bar-size pieces using a highly focused jet stream of oil. A strong jet of oil must be used in order to prevent the toffee from dissolving. The delicious, old-fashioned toffee is then immersed into rich, smooth milk chocolate and left to cool for packaging. The Crunchie Candy Bar is a truly remarkable creation. Every bite is an uplifting, pleasurable experience. The Crunchie Bar gives you a crunch like no other! A classic Canadian Chocolate Bar.
44g Bar

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