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Hi-Chew is a Japanese Candy

Hi Chew Candy is one of those candy inventions that has stood the test of time! Morinaga & Company, the makers of Hi Chew, are over 100 years old. Hi-Chew candy was originally invented from a sweet necessity.
The founder was Taichiro Morinaga of Japan. He loved chewing gum, but in his homeland of Japan, it was considered very rude and taboo to chew gum.  He always wanted a gum-like candy that you could easily swallow. He began to master the art of candy making after a life-changing visit to the USA  in 1888. After one taste of candy in America, he then vowed that he would master the fine skill of candy making.
He went back home to Japan and did just that. His original candy was called Chewlets until in 1975 the name was changed to Hi-Chew. Moringa & Company became the largest and most popular confectionery in Asia!
In 2014, the company set up in North Carolina, USA. Because of its American expansion, it's become a popular candy among star baseball players and has even been to outer space!
Hi-Chews are a Japanese born gem of a candy, where East really does meet West! A deliciously fruity flavoured candy that is, as the package states, " immensely fruity" and "intensely chewy". Hi chew flavors are constantly to keep candy lovers happy.
Hi-Chews will quickly become your favourite indulgence!

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