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Top 12 Valentines Day Candy

Valentines Day Candy for your Sweetie!

When it comes to the most romantic day of the year, there’s no better present than the gift of sweetness (and a bunch of flowers, of course)! Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Are you ready yet? Everyone knows how big a part delicious and sweet candies have in the full Valentine’s Day experience, so why not get stocked up?

Love Hearts

Love Hearts Candy Rolls Top 12 Valentine's Candies Candy District

Love Hearts Candy are the quintessential Valentines Day candy. After all, how many other confections can you think of that are actually in the shape of a heart? This treat is perfect for adding to a Valentine’s Day gift basket or just sharing with the one you love most of all. Love Hearts Candy are a retro candy classic that have been around forever, so they’ll always give you a rush of nostalgia. Each delightfully sweet candy heart has its own loving message. Give your sweetheart a wonderful surprise with each and every Love Hearts candy.

Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey's Kisses Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

Okay, maybe there are two quintessential retro Valentine’s Day candies. Hershey’s Kisses give Love Hearts Candy Rolls a real run for their money. Pair the two treats together for the perfect sweet Valentine’s Day surprise. Hershey’s Kisses are made of luscious milk chocolate to delight your valentine’s taste buds and warm their heart. Sprinkle some Hershey’s kisses in a Valentine’s Day basket for a truly loving touch.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars is a made in Canada Valentine’s treat that you’ll want to order right away. Cadbury chocolate bars are legendary for their creamy milk chocolate and there’s a good reason for that: they’re made with only the finest fresh milk. Decadently creamy, a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar is definitely one of the best treats you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day. The smooth deliciousness of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars melts in your mouth and is guaranteed to do the same to your crush’s heart.

Allan Hot Lips

Allan Hot Lips Top 12 Valentine's Candies

Your Valentine will adore the legendary Cinnamon zing of Allan Hot Lips. You remember this candy from decades ago and its cinnamon sweetness is still here for you to enjoy. With a gorgeous red color, Allan Hot Lips are just the addition for any Valentine’s Day gift or display. Give your Valentine a taste of the hottest lips in town.   

Fun Dip

Wonka Fun Dip Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

Be my retro Valentine? Originally called Lik-M-Aid, Fun Dip is full of sugary fun perfect for Valentine’s Day. Fun Dip is available in a variety of flavours. Choose the red Cherry Yum Diddly Dip for the perfect candy touch. Each Fun Dip pack comes with delicious candy sticks that dip into the mouth-watering powdered candy. Go retro with Fun Dip from Ferrara Candy Co.

Skor Bar

Hershey's Skor Candy Bars Top 12 Valentine's Candies

Skor Bar is the perfect chocolate bar for those with a more sophisticated taste. Add it to your Valentine’s Day gift for the person you love. If your Valentine loves butter toffee covered in the smoothest and most delectable milk chocolate, look no further for the perfect treat. The Skor crunch is something we all dream of once we’ve been introduced to this chocolate indulgence. This delectable chocolate bar is a toffee lover’s dream and perfect for your special someone.

Wack-O-Wax Wax Lips

Wack-O-Wax Lips Top 12 Valentine's Candies

Give your valentine their very own pair of kissable, chewable lips! Chewable? Yes, in this case. Wack-O-Wax Wax Lips are shaped like red lips but are actually a wax chewing gum. Give them a kiss then pop them in your mouth. Wack-O-Wax Lips are available in different flavours, including cherry and grape. Wack-O-Wax is made by legendary candy maker Tootsie Roll, so you know you’re getting top quality.

Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candies

Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candy Top 12 Valentine's Candies

Get the temperature rising with Hot Tamales cinnamon-flavoured chewy candies. Don’t be surprised if things start getting a little hot when you pop these delicious candies into your mouth. Hot Tamales are made in the USA and are a classic candy that will bring back memories.

Atomic Fireball Jawbreakers

Atomic Fireball Jawbreakers Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

Atomic Fireball are hot cinnamon jawbreaker candies that aren’t for the faint of heart. You won’t find a stronger cinnamon candy anywhere. Don’t worry, though. Once your tastebuds have been put into overdrive by all the cinnamon craziness, the taste becomes sublimely sweet. This flavour lasts a long time, so you can bank on lots of fun. If you’re hankering for something spicy, look no further.

Ring Pop Lollipop

Ring Pop Lollipops Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

You won’t find a rock bigger than this anywhere! Ring Pop brings back nostalgic memories as you put it on your finger and enjoy the delicious lollipop fun. There are five flavours to choose from, including strawberry, blue raspberry, raspberry lemonade, watermelon, and berry blast. Get matching Ring Pops for you and the one you love. They’re so much fun to enjoy together! 

Big Hunk Bar

Annabelle's Big Hunk Candy Bars Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

It’s time for a retro classic with the Big Hunk Candy Bar. Made by Annabelle Candy Co Inc., Big Hunk Bar has been around since way back in the 1950s and it’s a sublimely delicious chewy bar with honey sweetening, nougat, and whole roasted peanuts. This iconic candy bar was first invented by the Golden Nugget Candy Company. With Big Hunk Bar, you get 1.5 ounces and eight inches of candy bar filled to the brim with whole roasted peanuts.

Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies Retro Candy Top 12 Valentine's Day Candies

Sugar Babies are yummy little candies that’ll make your sweeties day. Add a pack of these to a Valentine’s Day gift. Candy lovers have been devouring Sugar Babies at the movies since way back in 1935. If a movie is part of your Valentine’s Day plans, put Sugar Babies on the menu. These morsels are slow-cooked milk caramel and give you the best of chewy creaminess.

Valentine's Day isn't complete without candy!

You’ll be all stocked up on Valentine’s Day candy for you and your honey to enjoy All the sweet treats you need for the big romantic day are just an order away. You know how swiftly the time will arrive, so what are you waiting for? Candy is an essential part of any Valentine’s Day present, so make sure you give the best one ever!   

Happy Valentine's Sweeties!             

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