Big Hunk Candy Bars - 24 Pack

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Retro Candy Bar Since the 1950s

An American Candy Bar made with roasted peanuts that are covered in a yummy honey nougat. Since Big Hunks are among the chewiest of candy bars, it can become challenging to be able to bite a piece off. Many people say they freeze them and then break or shatter them into smaller bite-size pieces. Or take the wrapper off, let them harden then proceed to break them. Either way, these Retro Candy Bars are delicious. The chewy nougat makes them long-lasting and so easy to savour! Who does not want to savour a Big Hunk! 

Elvis must have been singing about these when he sang "Hunka Hunka Burning Love" because Big Hunks are hunks of love!

2 oz Candy Bar

American Candy