Top 10 Retro Canadian Candy

Top 10 Retro Canadian Candy

Canadian Candy made sweet memories.

One of our favourite pastimes is reminiscing about the good old days, and of course eating lots of Canadian Candy! Just unwrapping and experiencing the scent alone seems to induce all that Canadian candy nostalgia.        

Here is our top 10 list of some of our dearest, most well-loved Retro Canadian Candies.

#1. Popeye Candy Sticks

Popeye Candy Sticks Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

Popeye Cigarette Candy are Canadian candy nostalgia in a box! These chalky candies are sweet, powdery and so perfectly crunchy! Popeye Candy Sticks were once known as Popeye Cigarettes. Long white sticks with a red tip as to indicate a cigarette. We're not advocating smoking here kids, just suggesting you eat this retro candy! Nothing has changed with Popeye Candy Sticks, besides the politically correct name change. Canadian kids had it made, spending recesses crunching on this cool candy. If Popeye The Sailor Man loves them, so do we! 

#2. Lotsa Fizz Candy

Lotsa Fizz Candy Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

A retro Canadian Candy with a fun tingly sensation that lingers for a few seconds. Lotsa Fizz is hard on the outside but filled with a special fizzy and very tart powder on the inside. Lotsa Fizz Candy comes in Orange, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Cherry, and Green Apple.
A full flavoured fizzy candy that bursts and fizzes in your mouth. It's still as delicious and fun to eat today. Lotsa Fizz is a Canadian Candy we won't soon forget, after all, it gives you those sweet candy tingles every time!

#3. Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

This is a unique and novel Canadian Candy. Pink Elephant Popcorn still has it's cool retro looking box. One look at that elephant and you can just taste all those sweet, pink kernels!
It's been around since the 1950's and has not lost it's "pink" appeal! This glazed, pink candied popcorn certainly made a sweet impression. When it sadly disappeared for a while, we thought it was gone forever. But happily for us Canadian Candy lovers it's now back on the candy market!
Pink Elephant Popcorn would be a fun addition to a candy table. Also, a pretty pink confection that would be a fabulous accent for a girls Birthday party, or to use as a sweet thank- you for your guests.

#4. Allan Big Foot Candy

Allan Candy-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

Some people chase big footprints around the world that could belong to a creature called "Big Foot". Not us Canadians though,  we have seen them, in fact, we've eaten them! We do get excited about the mention of Big Foot though, but only because we're craving our Canadian Allan Big Foot Candy!  This red, chewy retro candy is a right of passage when you're a Canadian kid! Allan Big Foot Is even made with real fruit juice, always a delicious added bonus. Big Foot Candy is filled with the juiciest, chewiest, fruitiest flavour around! Allan also has added a Sour Blue Foot to the mix. This Big Foot Sour Blue Candy comes in a sour Blue Raspberry flavour. This retro Canadian Candy is guaranteed to squash any candy cravings you might have. But, if big feet just aren't your thing, Allan has a wide selection of some other memorable, delicious Canadian Candy. Check out our Allan Canadian Candy.

#5.Maynards Fuzzy Peach

Maynards Fuzzy Peach-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

Maynards Fuzzy Peach is a delicious combination of sweet and sour. These tangy tasting peaches really aren't fuzzy, but they do bring to mind a bite into a fresh and juicy peach.
A classic Canadian Candy that is made with real fruit juice. A true taste of childhood and summer fun! Maynards Fuzzy Peach are a flavourful and memorable retro candy. You just can't forget a candy that's this delicious!
Great to bring along on a long car ride to the beach or a tasty addition to a candy buffet. Maynards Candy has a large selection of some of the best Canadian Candy around.

Check out Maynards Candy selection!

#6. Cherry Blossom Candy

Cherry Blossom Candy-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

A plump and juicy Maraschino Cherry that is surrounded in a sweet cherry syrup and covered with chocolate, coconut and bits of perfectly roasted peanuts. This Canadian concoction was first introduced to us in the early 1890's. The Cherry Blossom Chocolate has somewhat of a sophisticated taste. I must admit that as a child, it was a chocolate that my grandmother ate and I only ever begrudgingly tried it. Until I was older and a little wiser, with a more discriminating palate, this Canadian Candy gem became one of my all-time favourites. This old-fashioned, Canadian Candy has been loved for well over 100 years! The delectable, deliciousness of the Cherry Blossom Chocolate definitely has staying power!

#7. Ganong Roman Nougat

Ganong Roman Nougat-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

A delightful Retro Canadain Candy, from one of Canada's leading candy makers, Ganong. The Roman Nougat is made of a soft and chewy nougat with added bits of fruity jellies. There are three assorted flavours of the fruit scattered throughout this nougat candy bar, orange, lemon and lime. This Canadian Candy bar involves no chocolate but it is not missed in the least. The Roman Nougat is a refreshingly sweet change from the usual. This chewy Roman Nougat and tasty fruit bits make for a must try, classic Canadian Candy. 

#8.Thrills Gum

Thrills Gum-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candies

Every Canadian has tried this soap flavored gum at least once. Whether or not they liked it is a different story! Thrills Gum is a unique Canadian Gum. A purple gum that has a very distinctive taste.
Some say that Thrills Gum tastes like soap. Rosewater is one of the main ingredients. That is where the "soapy" taste comes from. 
There is just no sitting on the fence with Thrills Gum. You either hate or love it. But one thing is for certain, Thrills Gum is one of a kind!
Originally Thrills Gum was manufactured by the O Pee Chee Company from London, Ontario, until in the 1980's it was bought by Nestle. This sweet and soapy purple gum, as strange as it might sound to some, is actually delicious!
Maybe it's an acquired Canadian taste? Whatever the reason it's a sweet way to stop all that colourful language! Thrills Gum does taste better than soap!

#9. Mackintosh Toffee

Mackintosh Toffee-Top 10 Canadian Candies

Canadian Candy lovers have been indulging in this old fashioned candy since 1890! Mackintosh Toffee comes in a rectangular slab and a tartan like colourful package.
It's sweet, smooth, creamy and delicately salted. It's a delectable Canadian Candy. Some people prefer to eat Mackintosh Toffee frozen. Hence their slogan "Smack Your Mack". They literally smack the piece of frozen Mackintosh Toffee and eat the broken, smaller bits.
If you're a purist there's only one way to eat this, biting directly into this ultra chewy and creamy toffee. It's all part of the Mackintosh Toffee experience. Mackintosh Toffee is a Canadian Candy indulgence!

#10. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs-Top 10 Retro Canadian Candy

A solid milk chocolate egg that is surrounded by a crispy, candied shell. Often thought of as an Easter treat, but us Canadians just can't wait for the Easter Bunny that long! 
We want Cadbury Mini Eggs all year round! This delicious chocolate and crunchy candied eggs, come in soft pretty pastel colours. They make a delightful, pretty accent on an Easter or Springtime dessert table or a Candy Buffet. A favourite Canadian Candy, Cadbury Mini Eggs were introduced to us in 1967. Lucky for us Canadians every season is Mini Egg season!

Canadian Candy, Eh

We know there's delicious candy all across the globe, but none is sweeter than the Canadian candy nostalgia. You know what we say besides "eh"? Home sweet home! 
We hope we've ignited your sweet tooth and stirred up some sweet memories. Besides eating it, that's what Retro Candy is really all about!

Check out the entire Canadian Candy Selection here!


Nancy Bush
Nancy Bush

Do you have a photo of a Pep Chew made by Paulin’s?

Nancy Bush
Nancy Bush

Do you have a photo of a Pep Chew made by Paulin’s?


i love Canadian candy but is there better candy in the us


i love Canadian candy but is there better candy in the us

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