Pop Rocks are Deliciously Explosive

Pop Rocks Candy: Candy of the Day

National Candy Month-June 6, 2017

Pop Rocks Candy are Deliciously Explosive-National Candy Month 2017-Candy District

Who doesn't want a "pop rock'in" summer? Pop Rocks Candy are an essential retro candy for any Candy lover, or even a young candy loving newbie. A must have for National Candy Month, also a must try, for anyone who has never tried Pop Rocks. Pop Rocks are not only extremely flavorful, they are also deliciously explosive! A one of a kind candy.

Pop Rocks Candy discovered by a Sweet Genius

Pop Rocks are a carbonated candy, that were stumbled upon  by a chemist, William A. Mitchell. He was trying to make an instant, carbonated soft drink when his prototype became, Pop Rocks!  William was smart enough to realize that he had discovered something amazing! Incredibly, by the time William A. Mitchell had retired, he had over 70 patents to his name. Pop Rocks being our favorite, but he also gets credit for Tang, Jello, Cool Whip! Job well done William A. Mitchell!

Pop Rocks as Urban Legend

Pop Rocks once had a help line for people that were afraid of their stomachs exploding. There was a rumor started that "Mikey" , from the Life Cereal commercials, had died because he ate Pop Rocks and then drank soda with them. Let us burst your bubble, (not your stomach) this did not happen, but probably just made Pop Rocks all the more popular! Rest assured that "Mikey" whose real name is Jon Gilchrist, is very much alive and well. He also says that he has no memory of even being in most of the Life Cereal the commercials, as he was only three at the time.

Pop Rocks are Summertime Fun!

Pop Rocks are a great way to add some excitement to your summer candy stash! The original is still a number one seller(cherry) but Pop Rocks has even more delicious flavors, such as Tropical Fruit, Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape, Blue Razz , Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola and Cotton Candy... Wow that's a lot of sweet popp'in candy!!!

Watch this Retro Pop Rocks Candy Commercial

Candy District will be posting about an iconic candy a day during National Candy Month.

Please read them all and be a Sweetie and post a comment about your favourite candy!

Get your Pop Rocks Candy here!

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