Maynards Makes A Fine Wine Gum

 Maynards Wine Gums-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month-June 20, 2017

Maynards Wine Gums Old Fashioned Candy

An Old Fashion Candy that's an ideal summer candy! Truly a classic choice for candy lovers. Maynards Wine Gums have been around since 1909 and are made in Toronto. Wine Gums are ideal in their texture. They are chewy but never too sticky or stretchy. Maynards Wine Gums are a sophisticated candy. So very tasty with all their fine and distinctive flavors.

Have a Wine Gum instead of wine

Despite their name, Wine Gums contain no wine in them and were actually meant to persuade people to eat the candy instead of drinking alcoholic beverages. Well, Wine Gums are delightfully delicious and could easily be savored to the likes of a "fine wine'.
The flavors in Maynards Wine Gums are not overly sweet, and they have a certain level of tartness to them, but not sour. The original flavors of Wine Gums include: Raspberry (red) lemon (yellow) orange (orange) lime(green) black current(black) and grapefruit(white).

What your favourite Wine Gum flavour?

Every flavor of Maynards Wine Gums are utterly fantastic. They say the flavor that most people love the best are the black ones, which are the black current flavor. I must admit, they are my favorite Wine Gum flavor! Maynards Wine Gums seem to pull you in with their smooth and intense fruity flavors. They do have an addictive quality to them. One roll is never enough, but to be honest neither is one bag!

Sour Wine Gums

Maynards Candy also have a sour version of Wine Gums that are every bit as tasty as the original Wine Gums but leave you with a more intense tartness and tangy feeling.  Maynards Sour Wine Gums start off on a sour note, but then reel you back in with their usual sweetness
Maynards Wine Gums are a retro candy that seem to acquire more fans everyday. Put down your glass of Cabernet Sauvigon and reach for your Wine Gums instead!

Get your Maynards Candy here!

Candy District will be posting about an iconic candy a day during National Candy Month.
Please read them all and be a Sweetie and post a comment about your favourite candy!
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