Maynards Candy Wine Gums 154g - 12 Pack

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Maynards Wine Gums Canadian Candy

     Maynards Wine Gums are a chewy candy, with tart, fruity flavours. Made to resemble the taste of fine wines, although these candies contain no alcohol what so ever! Maynards Wine Gums offer us a distinctive flavour we've come to know and love! An Old Fashioned Candy enjoyed by young and old alike. Cheers!
Some Maynards History:
     In 1880, Charles Riley Maynard and his brother started making candy in their kitchen, in Stamford Hill, London. In 1896, the brothers formed the Maynard Sweet Company. Around 1900, an heir to the Maynard Company Charles Gordon suggested to his father they make wine gums. But Charles Riley being a strict and total Methodist was outraged and shocked that his son would have such a blasphemous idea!
     However, Charles finally came around to the idea of "wine gums" after he found out that these candies would contain no alcohol. With father and son on board, Maynards Wine Gums were born! 

Maynards Candy are classic Retro Candies!

170g | 1 bag

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