A Snickers Bar Will Let You Be You

Snickers Chocolate Bar-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 14, 2017

Snickers Bar Stisfies

Because "You're not you when your hungry" and of course we want you to really be you! Your're beautiful. Don't change. So we've added the Snickers Chocolate Bar to our National Candy Month series. Is there anything more satisfying when your hungry then a Snickers bar?

Snickers is an Old Fashioned Candy from 1930

Snickers is an old fashioned chocolate bar that dates all the way back to 1930! Truly a classic in the world of candy! Snickers was first created by Frank Mars, who as a child made candy alongside his mother. Frank decided that making candy was his calling in life, and began after high school to make candy from his very own kitchen!

Snickers Bar was named after a horse

Frank married his highs school sweetheart, Ethel, and they both embarked together in the romantic ride of the candy business.In 1920, Frank and Ethel started the Mar-O-Bar company, which eventually became Mars Inc. a giant candy company to this day! The Snickers chocolate bar was named after Frank and Ethel's beloved race horse, "Snickers". Sadly the horse passed just two months before the Snickers bar came out, probably making it bittersweet for Mr. and Mrs. Mars.

Try a Deep Fried Snickers Bar!

Deep Fried Snickers Bar

The Snickers Chocolate Bar lives on and is a highly consumed bar to this day. It is loved world wide! If you visit any fairs or carnivals this summer you might even come across a deep fried Snickers Bar. Do not pass these up! The deep fried Snickers Bars are amazingly delicious!
Anyway you eat them, out of the wrapper or deep fried, they are one of the most filling and satisfying chocolate bars you will ever eat! 

Watch these funny Snickers Bar Commercials

Get your world famous Snickers Bar here!

Candy District will be posting about an iconic candy a day during National Candy Month.

Please read them all and be a Sweetie and post a comment about your favourite candy!

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