Twix Cookie Bars - 36 Pack

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Twix Canadian Chocolate Bars

So delicious, even harder to share!

The Twix Bar is one of the most popular Chocolate Bars in the world!  Perhaps most well known for having two bars inside one package. Ye,s you could share if you're so inclined, and Twix this makes it easy. But one bite into these delicious buttery cookies that are topped with caramel and then coated in  chocolate, sharing will most likely become an after thought. 
The Twix bar was first introduced in the UK and is was not until 1979 that it made it's appearance in the United States and Canada.. In 1991 the name "Twix " becomes a universal name. Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland used to call them by the name "Raider". 
With it's rich gold packaging and brightly coloured orangey- red letters, it's a hard bar to overlook.

1.79 oz. Bar

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