McCormicks Spearmint Leaves Candy-1.8 kg

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Old Fashioned Canadian Candy

A refreshing and chewy candy! McCormicks Spearmint Leaves are an old-fashioned Canadain Candy. Green and superbly chewy, McCormicks Spearmint Leaves Candy is truly unique and flavourful! With the coolness of Spearmint and their sublime sweetness, this is one retro Canadian Candy that is a must-have! Especially if you know a hungry Candy Boss!
  • Peanut Free
  • Nut Free
  • Made in Canada
  • Old Fashioned Candy

Ingredients: Sugar/glucose-fructose, modified corn starch, artificial flavour, colour including tartrazine.

 Allergens: May contain milk and soy. Made in a peanut and nut-free facility.

1.8 kg

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