Sour Patch Kids Xploderz Candy 6.5oz - 12 Pack

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Sour Patch Kids Xploderz American Candy

Whimsical, sour sensations aren't just for the kids. You can enjoy these mouth-watering treats, too. Order a 12-count box for the entire family or just one 185 g bag if you want to sample.

These tempting, sugary delights have a sour center that will give your taste buds a zing. The zany bag design and whimsical shapes make this not only a treat for your taste buds but for your imagination, too. You'll just love the cute character peeking and waving from the side.

Don’t make your taste buds wait. Order today and get this tasty candy to your door.

    185g Bag

    12 Count Box

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