Sour Patch Kids Crush Candy-12 Pack

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Sour Patch Kids Crush American Candy

Made with the Crush fruit mix so many of us loved as kids, Sour Patch Kids Crush Candy by Maynards is the Sour then Sweet candy. Containing real fruit juice, this new confection will put all your taste buds into overdrive.

Whether you're a sweet or sour candy lover, you're all set with these delicious candies. It has both types of flavour to be a fantastic candy lover pleaser. Maynards candies are always a true retro favourite, so take a trip down memory lane. Share your childhood memories of the neighbourhood corner store with your family as you enjoy these whimsical little candies together.

Maynards Candy are classic Retro Candies!

  • Made with Real Fruit Juice
  • Gluten-Free

185g Bag

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