Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry 3.6oz - 12 Pack

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Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry American Candy

"Once in a blue moon" is much too long to wait for delicious candy. No need to wait any longer because we've got the Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry Candy!
These yummy and chewy candies come in all blue! These Sour Patch kids are bursting with the tangy taste of Blue Rasberry. They'll hit your sour candy-loving tastebuds fist, then subside into a sweet blue bliss!
Voted the number one flavour nationwide, Maynards decided to make it easier for us blue candy lovers by creating the "Just Blue" Sour Patch Kids! 
Taste the blue, with the Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry Candy!

Sour Patch Kids are classic Retro Candies!

  • Just Blue Raspberry Candy
  • Nationwide Winning Colour

141g Bag

Sour Patch Kids Candy Shipped Fast across Canada and the USA!

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