Smarties Squeeze Candy 2.25oz - 12 pack

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Fun New Way to Enjoy a Retro Treat!

     There are tons of ways we enjoy candy - bite it, chew it, suck it, savour it - we think it's time to squeeze it! 

     Smarties Squeeze Candy is the easiest way to enjoy a sweet treat you'll ever encounter, and we've done the research. Just pop the cap, and squeeze! It's the best way to get that sugar fix in a hurry, and the resealable tube makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go.

     So leave the crumbly, powdery Smarties at home and take the mess-free tube, it's sure to be a tart and tangy adventure your tastebuds won't ever forget!


2.25oz / 64g | 1 tube

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