Rockets Candy Rolls - 2 Kg

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Retro Canadian Candy

Blast off into the candy land of your childhood with Rockets Candy Rolls! This Canadian candy comes in a hefty 2 kg bulk candy bag that will keep you all stocked up for a while.

Rockets Candy Rolls are individually wrapped, keeping them fresh and pristine in your stash. Go retro and enjoy some time with old memories. Who doesn't love this classic retro candy? We know you do. And imagine how much your friends and family will love these retro candy creations! You are going to share. right?

So stock up your pantry for the times you need to enjoy. Also makes a great Halloween candy for all those spooky neighbours in your hood.

Don't stop at just one bag. Order two so you know you always have a sweet treat waiting at the end of the day.

  • Canadian Candy
  • Stock up with this bulk candy bag
  • Individually wrapped candy rolls

2 kg