Rock Candy Sticks Red Strawberry 36 Pieces - 1 Tub

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Crystalized Candy For Any Occasion

     For the most delicious flavours and vibrant colours for Rock Candy on a Stick, look no further than Espeez. Simply made with sugar and water, the sticks' crystals slowly blossom to become tasty treats and beautiful displays. 

     Bright red like a freshly bloomed rose and sweet taste that could only come from the freshest, juiciest berries, Strawberry Rock Candy makes the perfect treat that doubles as a gorgeous display. Use in your next wedding, birthday party, shower, or corporate event for a sight that'll impress all your guests - and a flavour that's sure to shock their tastebuds!

Make any event absolutely stunning with our wide assortment of Rock Candy on a Stick colours and flavours!


22g | 1 stick