Regal Creamy Caramels - 2 Kg

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Old Fashioned Canadian Candy

If you love caramels, you're really in for a treat! Regal Creamy Caramels are a Canadian candy classic and this is a huge bulk candy bag. These classic retro candies are sure to delight!

It's time to indulge in the sweet, creamy flavour of supremely fresh caramel candies. That's why you need to order now so you don't miss out. Imagine how much you will love having this generous bag in your candy stash. It's just the thing for a dreary day.

Come on, you and your family deserve a treat. Get these caramels and go for a magical trip down memory lane. Make new memories, too, as you share these classic confections with your loved ones.

  • Canadian Candy
  • Stock up with this bulk candy bag
  • Very fresh caramels!

2 kg