Reese's CRUNCHY! Snack Cake 2.75oz - 12 Pack

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A Nuttier Snacking Experience!

     If you've ever tried Reese's Snack Cakes before, you'd know how irresistible of a treat they are! Soft chocolatey cake, that creamy peanut butter filling, and rich milk chocolate to wrap it all up, it's the kind of snack you can't put down. So good, in fact, that its legacy can't end there. It needs...

      A sequel! Reese's CRUNCHY! Snack Cake is a delicious new treat that takes everything you love about Snack Cakes and turns it up a notch by including a layer of crunchy peanuts to the mix. Enjoy all the fantastic, savoury flavours with an added crunch that'll turn your 10 into an 11!

     This is a must try for every Reese's peanut butter fan! So tasty, it's the perfect addition to any munchies haul.

77g / 2.75oz | 1 pack contains 2 cakes

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