Pixy Stix Candy Peg Bags - 12 Pack

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Retro Candy inspired by Willy Wonka

Straws full of delightful candy powder, Pixy Stix is a retro candy classic we've all loved for decades. You're all set to enjoy sweet and tangy cherry, maui punch, grape, and orange flavours. You'll want to share these with the whole family when you learn they're free of artificial flavours.

With Pixy Stix, you can pour the candy powder into your mouth for a portable sweet fix. Or if you prefer, you can put it in your hand. You'll get a plentiful bag of Pixy Stix when you place your order. Stock up and put a bigger number in the Quantity box, so you have a fun candy stash for a while to come.

Each Pixy Stix straw is loaded with sweet and tart candy powder that is sure to put a smile on every face. Pour into your hand or straight into your mouth for a little pop of pure delight.

    113 g