Pixy Stix Giant Candy - 85 Pack

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Retro Candy inspired by Willy Wonka

This must be what all the most magical creatures love to eat! With their sweet and tangy powdery power, the Pixy Stix is like no other!  It really is pure Wonka Candy bliss! Pixy Stix is a powdered candy that comes packaged in a straw. This is, of course, consumed by pouring (or dumping) the contents directly into your mouth. This fun-to-eat candy comes in a choice of four fantastic flavours: Grape, Maui Punch, Cherry and Orange. There is no such thing as an afternoon lull with the delicious and fun taste of Pixy Stix! Stock up your pantry with this 85 Count Box just in case you have family and friends come over and a party breaks out. Just in case.
  • No Artificial Colours
  • Box contains 85 Pixy Stix

.42 oz. Straw