Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons UK - 90 g

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Imported British Candy

Smarties lovers, get ready! Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons UK are the delectable morsels you’ve been craving. This package is filled to the brim with buttons of smooth milk chocolate that have the crunch of mini-Smarties inside.

Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons UK are colourful and come in an innovative Smarties Buttons Sharing Bag. This candy is from all the way across the pond. You know how much the British love their candy, so get in on this high-quality confection.

These aren’t just your regular Smarties. Get something a little bit different with this delicious treat. Nestle is famous for its chocolate for good reason.

  • Share the fun of Smarties Buttons
  • Smooth milk chocolate buttons filled with crunchy mini Smarties
  • A deliciously fun and colourful treat in a convenient Smarties
  • Buttons Sharing Bag
  • Coloured using food and plant extracts - no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Popular Sharing Bag
  • British Chocolate Candy
  • No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives

90 g