Smarties Mega Double Lollies - 60 Pack

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Smarties Mega Double Lollies

Retro Canadian Candy

Bring the candy store home with this 60-count jar of Mega Double Lollies. With a colourful label and lots of treats inside, be ready for your family and friends to get excited!

And you'll enjoy these lollies yourself. We're all big kids at heart! And Mega means Mega with these classic lollipops. There's lots of candy on these pops, ready to delight your taste buds.

This is just the kind of treat you'll want to have on hand for you to share. Talk about a great stash for Halloween, too. You'll always be the neighbour with the best candy.

  • Canadian Candy
  • Stock up with this bulk candy jar
  • Individually wrapped lollipops

1 Lollie