M&M's Peanut Chocolate Theater Boxes 3oz - 12 Pack

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M&M's Candy with Peanuts. A Star.

Old Fashioned Candy Since 1941

For that extraordinary chocolate and peanut crunch, you know there is nothing quite like the classic taste of M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies! These bright and colourful candy gems are candy-coated on the outside and filled with milk chocolate and a crunchy peanut on the inside. Nothing beats this pleasurable combination! M&M's Candy is a timeless treat that has been indulged in since 1941, a true movie theatre classic candy! Mix it in with your popcorn or just enjoy the delightful crunch on its own. A movie night was never so tasty and indulgent than with the satisfaction of M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies in a Theater Box!
  • Kosher Certified Dairy
  • Made in the USA

3.1 oz.

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