Kool-Aid Pina-Pineapple Drink Mix - 48 Pack

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Oh Yeah!

     Not many things can be better than the juicy nectar of a ripe Pineapple. This Kool-Aid packet flavoured to taste just like that is the absolute perfect drink for sipping by the pool on a hot, sunny day.

     Kool-Aid has been keeping us cool with their delicious, fruity drink mixes since 1931! These packets are unsweetened, so you can choose how much sugar you want to add. On top of that, they're a great source of vitamin C and contain 0 calories, so you can feel good while staying hydrated with flavour!

     Each single-serve packet makes just under 2 litres of water (2 quarts), but don't stop there! Think outside the box and use Kool-Aid in your next family creation. You can find tons of fantastic recipes using Kool-Aid products here!

     If you're looking for more awesome Kool-Aid flavours, we have tons of them right here!


4.3g / 0.15oz | 1 packet