Koala Sour Juice Berries Candy - 1 kg

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Koala Sour Juice Berries Gummy Candy

Picture of a plentiful basket of fresh berries, turn them into candies and add a delightful sour candy taste. What do you get? Koala Sour Juice Berry Gummy Candies, of course.

Koala Sour Juice Berry Candy will take you by the hand and lead you down memory lane. Do you love nostalgia? You're sure to find it here.

Delightful shades of red and pink greet you as you open this generous 1 kg bulk candy bag of Koala Sour Juice Berry Gummy Candy. Can you wait to put your hand in and draw out the first morsel? You'd better place your order! Don't miss out on this tasty treat.

  • Gourmet Quality Gummy Candy
  • Comes in a Bulk Candy Bag
  • Imported from Europe

1 kg

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