Koala Sour Cola Bottles Candy-1 kg

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Koala Sour Cola Bottles Gummy Candy

If you love the traditional cola bottle gummies we all loved as kids, you've just got to try the Koala Sour Cola Bottles Gummy Candy in this generous 1 kg bulk candy bag!

A fantastic combination of gummy goodies and sour zinginess, Koala Sour Cola Bottles are a treat you've got to get your hands on pronto. They're such a delightful treat for a pick-me-up on long days or for an exciting treat for family and friends.

Take a scrumptious walk down memory lane by popping some of these sour candy creations in your mouth and enjoy the delicious chewing sensation. Remember, candy isn't just for kids!

  • Gourmet Quality Gummy Candy
  • Comes in a Bulk Candy Bag
  • Imported from Europe

1 kg

The Freshest Candy at the Sweetest Prices.

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