Koala Sour Bubbly Gummy Candy-1 kg

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Koala Sour Bubbly Gummy Candy

Tart little red and blue delights for your taste buds. Sour candy lovers, listen up! These zingy confections are in the shape of champagne bottles, so why not open up this plentiful bag of treats and enjoy some time celebrating or relaxing? It's all in the imagination (and your taste buds, which will be in overdrive from all the deliciousness)!

Koala Sour Bubbly Gummy Candy is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia. These fun gummies are exactly the sort of thing you used to scoop up at the corner store or confectionery of your childhood. Remember? You will as soon as you taste these yummy candies.

  • Gourmet Quality Gummy Candy
  • Comes in a Bulk Candy Bag
  • Imported from Europe

1 kg

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