Koala Bottle-O-Pop Cola Candy - 1 kg

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Koala Cola Bottle Gummy Candy

Love cola? Love gummies? Well, have we got a treat for you! Koala Bottle-O-Pop Cola Gummy Candy are chewy little gummy delights that will bring back your best childhood memories. Remember going to the corner store with your friends and buying candy by the bag? These are the cola gummies you loved and were always trying to trade for.

Having some of these tasty gummies on hand is great when you want a treat during the day or just want to satisfy your cola craving. Lots of us are trying to cut down on how much pop we drink. What better way to give yourself the taste of cola without drinking a whole can?

  • Gourmet Quality Gummy Candy
  • Comes in a Bulk Candy Bag
  • Imported from Europe

1 kg

The Freshest Candy at the Sweetest Prices.

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