Kit Kat Key Lime Pie - 24 Pack **BB April 2022**

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The Kit Kat You Love With A Refreshing New Taste!

     Cream and the zest of lime coming together is the perfect flavour duo that'll waltz across your tastebuds. The only thing that could make it better is wrapping them around your favourite crunchy wafers!

     Kit-Kat Key Lime Pie is just that - the perfect treat to tie you over until you're finally able to get a slice of the real pie. It's a surprisingly refreshing chocolate bar that will turn a hot day into a fun day. Just kick back, and take the best break you've ever had with this creamy, crispy, lime-flavoured chocolate bar!

     This is a Limited Edition flavour, so be sure to act fast! You may never know when - or if! - you'll get to try this bar again.

1.5oz / 43g | 1 bar

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