Jersey Milk Chocolate Bars - 45g 24 Pack

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Jersey Milk Chocolate is dreamy!

A Canadian classic, Jersey Milk Chocolate Bars consists of velvety, smooth delectable squares of exquisite milk chocolate. Canadians have been enjoying this since 1951, and it is still among the most popular choices today.

From the very beginning William Neilson, the maker of these delicious chocolate bars, claimed he made " nothing but the best". Over time this has proved to be true, as Neilson only uses the purest and freshest of ingredients in their Jersey Milk chocolate.
The Neilson Company who was best known for its ice cream noticed a natural decline in sales during the winter months. The line of chocolate bars was meant to subsidize sales. A clever decision made by the Neilson Company.
To this day, Jersey Milk Chocolate Bars continue to be one of the most widely consumed chocolate bars in Canada!
45g Bars | 24 Count Box