Huer Fried Eggs Gummy Candy - 1 kg

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Huer Fried Eggs Peach Flavoured Candy

Stock up with this huge bag of bulk candy!

None of us want "egg on our face" but the Huers Fried Eggs Peach Flavoured Gummy Candy is what we want in our mouths! A white and yellow gummy candy with the aroma of a fresh peach. These are "Egg-sactly" what you need for an 'Egg-stravagent" and delicious event. This Bulk Candy is ideal for any  Candy Buffet, great for a corporate event or a fun Birthday Party. We don't want to get "Egg-streme" or anything but Huers Fried Eggs are "Egg-cellent"!

1 KG

The Freshest Gummy Candy Shipped Fast!

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