Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Mix Bag - 3 oz.

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Hi-Chew Candy

Bring back memories of tropical vacations of the past with Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Mix Bag. The fantastic flavour combinations you’ll discover will make your mouth water. Tropical Smoothie flavour with juicy Mango and Passion Fruit. Pina Colada with Creamy Coconut and zingy Pineapple. Need we say more?

This candy is not only deliciously fruity, but satisfyingly chewy too. You’ll get two flavours in one every time you pop one of these tempting candies into your mouth. A legendary Japanese candy-maker with more than a century of history, Moringa is a company you can depend on. Get your hands on these goodies and their tropical taste.

3 oz.