Hershey White Chocolate With Whole Almonds - 36 Pack

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Limited Edition Candy Bars

Smooth and luscious white crème accompanied by crunchy whole almonds. Hershey's White Crème with Whole Almonds offers this scrumptiously irresistible combination. Imagine the dreaminess of white chocolate on a dreary afternoon. Delightfully rich, Hershey's White crème with Whole Almonds is the ultimate comfort food.

Whatever your preference, whether you love the melting texture of chocolate in your mouth or the satisfying crunchiness of almonds, you'll find everything you need in this unique confection. You'll enjoy the scrumptious crunch of almonds in every single bite of this yummy chocolate bar.

An iconic company, Hershey's is the chocolate authority. It's been making sweet, creamy delights since 1894.

41 g

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